Every twist toward a solution usually messes something else up :)


Welcome to Riddle Solutions,  Software to Solve your Riddles.


Puzzles, problems, perplexing enigmas and/or apparently inexplicably unsolvable conundrums which will stay that way until fully defined, examined and/or shown to a friend.


We were originally an entertainment puzzle site with links to jokes, puzzles, games and distractions.  Then we started offering custom software to solve words and equations.  It had grown from there to be the business arm of several software companies. 

News Flash: the entertainment section is going to return to this site and the consulting stuff is moving to www.Solving-Software.com and www.Company-Solutions.biz.


Producing extraordinary results through the use of technologies that to you, as of new, are unfamiliar.

Solutions Provider

Together we work through the riddles that plague you.  We have all the technology, knowledge and expertise that you need, but don't want to learn and deal with.  We'll deal with all that state-of-the-art geeky stuff.  You just want the solution.

We provide wizards to help you completely define your problems and current situation (the hardest part).  Then we work together to build the appropriate software.

We have hundreds of software components and services that can be strung together to provide just what you need.  Whether it be a little tool to reformat data or an entire eterprise business process management system.

Finding Solutions for you is one of our biggest pleasures.  We just happen to do it cheaper and quicker then others.